Getting Professional Help for Your Website Projects

Website projects often need professional help. In some Divisions and Union Conferences of the world-wide Adventist Church, help has been made available in the form of free or low-cost websites, hosting and support. This is offered to churches, ministries and institutions located in the territory of those Divisions or Union Conferences. The websites provided are usually hosted on a easy-to-use content management system (CMS) such as the "netAdventist" system. Help for your website is also available from various private businesses owned and operated by Adventist church members. For your convenience, many of these web service providers are listed under the "PRIVATE SERVICES" section of the navigation menu on the left.



Please click on the geographical regions listed in the left-hand navigation menu, to see the website services that are made available by Adventist denomination administrations located in the listed territories.



North America -- Listing of Private Adventist Businesses

For the North American region (NAD), as a courtesy for the convenience of administrators and webservants, AWA7 maintains a listing of private businesses that offer website services to clients. The listing of these service providers is to assist you in the finding of professional help for your website projects. According to information received by AWA7, the listed businesses are owned and operated by members in good standing of the Adventist Church. However please note that the listing does not represent any kind of endorsement or recommendation by AWA7 for the services offered by the listed businesses. Clients who may have negative experiences with a listed provider, please e-mail the AWA7 Admin contact person for consideration to be given to the removal of that provider from the listing.

If you are a provider of web services and want to be listed in the directory, please send an e-mail to the AWA administration contact person.


Other Regions

At present AWA7 does not maintain a listing of Private Adventist Businesses located outside of North America. We hope to publish a world-wide listing of website service providers at a later date.

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